Hippoku – From Us To You: The Next Level Care For Your Hippo Accessories


Whether you’ve bought the latest Hippo Elite power bank or simply a Hippo lightning cable, you expect the best care and quality. This is why we have created HIPPOKU, the largest after sales service in Indonesia.

All Hippo products come with an automatic 1-year warranty guaranteed. For our loyal customers, we want to give you more than that. With Hippoku, you will receive additional years for your warranty.

Hippo products will receive 2 additional years, giving you a 3-year warranty, while Hippo Elite products will receive 4 additional years, giving you a 5-year warranty.

Here is how the process works:

  • Download the HIPPOku app from the App Store or Google Playstore.
    (Hint: it’s green, with the blue hippo logo)
  • Register as a buyer by putting in your phone number.
  • Click ‘Registrasi Produk’
  • Scan the barcode that’s on the product package. (Note: the barcode is not on the product itself)
  • Put in the date when you bought the product.

Simple as that! You have now received your Extra Premium Care for your Hippo product.

Your additional warranty can be  broken down like this:

1 year of standard warranty.
1 and a half years of extra premium care warranty.
2 and a half years of trade in.

In addition, Hippoku will also give you locations to claim your guarantee. You can use the filters to find the nearest place to you in the case of any emergency.

The application also works as a database for all your Hippo products, so that you can easily keep track of what you have bought and what you haven’t yet.

Hippoku is not just for buyers either. Resellers are just as welcomed to utilize the application by collecting points to redeem a surprise. Follow the same process as the one above, but this time register as a seller. Scan the barcode on the product package and accumulate your points. Simple as that!

After you have saved up enough points, you can redeem them to receive cool gifts and other hippo merchandise!

Hippoku is also completely free of charge to download. We are giving this to you because we care.

Click the link below to download your Hippoku now.
App Store:
Google Play Store: