Othello 3 Gen 2: Our Latest In Powerbank Innovation


Whether you’re on the go (with a mask on!) or staying at home, your phone is an essential that is always by your side. But problems arise when the battery is low and you’re once again searching for an electrical outlet. Most of us don’t want to sit right next to the charger though, and that’s where a power bank comes in handy.

We are here to help you with that. Hippo has been at the top of their game in providing quality product accessories to support your mobile devices, and every new release comes a bunch of innovative features to go with it.

The Othello 3 Generation 2 is our latest high power delivery powerbank that will do exactly what you expect: charge your phone.

But it’s not just that. You will want a quick charging wireless and lightning charge powerbank. That’s the Othello 3 Gen 2.

With a thin, sleek, and lightweight design, it will fit right into your hand and you’ll barely feel it when you carry it behind your phone. The LED color indicator will easily let you know when the powerbank is ready to use.

One of the biggest wins is probably the wireless quick charging. You won’t have to worry about cables getting in your way while you charge and use your phone. You can even just leave the cable behind to save up space in your bag.

Whether you’re still using the lightning port (USB-A) cable or port type C (USB-C), this powerbank is compatible for both. We’ll give you a port Type C to C and a Type C to lightning cable. With these cables and the wireless charging feature available, you can charge up to 3 mobile devices at once!

Travelling somewhere further? Not to worry, because the Othello 3 Gen 2 is also flight friendly. So you will be able to charge and use your phone on a long flight to pass the time.

The Othello 3 Gen 2 has a large battery capacity of 10000mAh, and on average will fully charge 2-3 mobile devices depending on the type. We’ve given you 10W power delivery 3.0 for a quick wireless charging, and 18W lightning input for an overall quick charge.

This will allow your mobile devices to be charged at a high speed. If you’re charging more than one phone, the maximum current delivery is at 18W.

A note of caution: when using the wireless feature, you may notice your mobile device heat up. Don’t be alarmed, this is natural because heat will accumulate at the point of current delivery that has been transported through the transmitter and to the battery.